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Insect virus pesticides are expected to become the “potential share”

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Good insecticidal efficacy, no environmental pollution, no harm to natural enemies, and hardly make the injurious insect generate resistance……

In recent days, the “1,000-ton-level Broad-spectrum Insect Virus Preparation Industrial Model Project” jointly undertaken by Wuhan Virus Research Institute of CAS and Jiangxi Yichun Xinlong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was officially put into production. With a total investment of 100 million yuan, the project can produce more than 2,000 tons of cabbage moth karyotype polyhedral body virus suspending agents, becoming the largest insect virus preparation production base in Asia and signifying a gratifying step in the industrialization of domestic insect virus pesticides.

On the “China Summit Forum of Insect Virus Pesticide” held at the same time, the expert pointed out that it is the international development trend of pesticides that biological pesticide substitutes for chemical pesticide and the state has listed biological pesticide industry among burgeoning strategic industries in “12th Five-Year Plan Period”. Insect virus pesticide, which occupies important position among biological pesticides, has the advantages of good effect in killing target insect pests, no environmental pollution and no damage to natural enemies, and hardly makes the injurious insect generate resistance, being one of the biopesticides with great development potential.

According to experts, insect virus pesticide is prepared by performing artificial planting, collection, purification and processing on single insect virus. Adopting the brand-new insecticide concept of “combat poison with poison”, it has unique mechanism of action and good control effect. It is very safe to agricultural product quality and agroecological environment, which is its obvious advantage, so that it is the key that will be vigorously developed by the state in the future. According to report, about 20 kinds of insect viruses in China have undergone or are undergoing field experiment, such as cotton bollworm karyotype polyhedral body virus that has been frequently researched and widely applied.

In America, cotton bollworm karyotype polyhedral body virus preparation is used for preventing and curing cotton bollworm, cigarette beetle, etc. on cotton, corn, broomcorn, tobacco, etc., with effect similar to that of common chemical pesticides. Besides, cabbage moth karyotype polyhedral body viral pesticide has wide insecticidal spectrum and good control effect on 32 kinds of lepidopterons, wherein it has high insecticidal activity on highly harmful insect pests such as chilo suppressalis, rice leaf folder, plutella xylostella, cotton bollworm, asparagus caterpillar, cabbage moth, helicoverpa assulta, loopworm, agrotis segetum and armyworm.

Insect virus pesticides have the short-term prevention and curing effect of microbial insecticide. Moreover, the viruses exist in the agriculture and forestry ecosystem for a long time after use and can adjust the density of pests as a kind of introduced ecological factor. Therefore, virus biological pesticide is pure natural microbial insecticide which is dedicated and safe, has long-lasting effect and hardly generates resistance.

Along with the constant improvement of the requirement on the quality safety of agricultural products and farmers’ degree of acceptance to biopesticides, vigorously developing biopesticides has become the necessary trend. As a variety with obvious advantage in biological pesticide field, insect virus pesticide has very wide development prospect. In the green food production standard of China, it is be clearly regulated that the production of AA grade green food should use biological pesticides such as Bt and viruses. Though the production cost of biological pesticides is slightly higher than that of chemical pesticide, biological pesticides bring about inestimable benefits and can be widely applied to the production of green food and organic food. What’s more, insect virus resources are very rich. Till now, there are 1,671 kinds of reported insect viruses on the world and 291 kinds of insect viruses founded in China. Therefore, insect virus pesticides have huge potential.

At present, the research and development of insect virus pesticides attracts more and more market attention. More and more pesticide manufacturers such as Jiyuan Baiyun and Wh-oasis begin to be devoted to the research, development and production of new pest virus pesticide varieties. However, biological pesticides including virus preparation haven’t formed large advantage in domestic market and problems such as small production scale, low market share and slow process of industrialization still exist, so that the popularization and application of biological pesticides still have a long way to go.

The success in key technology and industrialization of insect virus pesticides has great significance for reducing chemical pesticide pollution to farmlands, ensuring quality safety of agricultural products and developing green sustainable agriculture. Experts say that the industrialization development of pest virus pesticides is the important motive force for the development of biological pesticides and green agriculture of China and call on that the government, technical research institutes and enterprises should make close cooperation in the future to jointly push forward the transformation of technical achievements and the development of pest virus pesticides in China. (Writer: Wang Jianwo, source: Farmers' Daily)

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